Mariposa Style By Sandra Veum

Personal Wardrobe Stylist \\\ Personal Shopper \\\ San Diego, California

A Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper based out of San Diego, California. 

Personal Shopping With Customer

Shop with a professional. Learn what looks best on you for your body-type, color and lifestyle needs. I will pre-pull items and arrange 'looks' in a dressing room for a pampered personal experience. You will learn how to incorporate your new purchases with your current wardrobe. In addition to being informed throughout the year of store sales, special events and designer collaborations. 

Personal Shopping Without Customer

Let someone else shop for you and your wardrobe needs. I will select items in your size from various specialty boutiques and stores and deliver directly to your doorstep for a one-on-one personal styling experience.

Closet Evaluation

I will assess your current wardrobe and determine what suits your needs best while utilizing the 'Essential Wardrobe List'. You will be educated on how to wear your current wardrobe with your new items, ending with more diversified wardrobe choices. A 'Look Book' will be developed with pictures to refer too. We will determine what to donate or re-design. After I deliver your donated items, to the charity of your choice, a tax receipt will be mailed to you. 

Virtual Shopping

Experience the ease of having a professional shop for you on-line and send you Style Boards from Nordstrom in addition to direct links from various stores that best fits your needs and budget.


Hate packing for a business trip or vacation?  Then let a professional select interchangeable daily "looks" for you while creating a style folder with the images on your phone.  Can actually do the packing for you too!

Partnerships With Clothing Designer's For One-Of-A-Kind Designs

Work with local designers to have one-of-a-kind pieces made for you that fit your body-type and style perfectly. Great for special events!

Corporate Styling 

Create a brand-style for employees by having a styling session for an individual or multiple employees on how to dress professionally for the office. Have answers to questions such as...

How do you dress on Casual Friday?  How do you wear dressy denim in the workplace?  What does Business Casual look like? How should the company present itself at trade shows?

I can develop dress code policies which will encompass the companies brand philosophy and Human Resource's Best Practices.

Shopping Tours

Experience shopping in San Diego like the local Stylistas.  You will be taken to some of San Diego's most unique and exclusive boutiques, while receiving valuable styling tips along the way. Enjoy being pampered while shopping and special discounts for that day. 

Styling Presentations

Have a specially created presentation for a group on fashion related topics. Gain knowledge on styling tips, closet organization, fashion advice and valuable shopping tips. I will combine visuals by featuring exclusive boutiques and stores. Receive special discounts for that day. 

Private Shopping Event

Plan a private shopping event with your own personal group at one of San Diego's premier boutiques or specialty stores. Receive valuable styling tips, trend reports and special discounts during the event.