"I worked with Sandra a couple of weeks ago when she came to help me with a closet clean out. I have so many new out fits and choices now without having to buy anything new. She really helped me see that I can combine business clothes with casual wear and also showed me combinations that I would have never put together that now are some of my favorites. I've worn my new looks ever since and have had many compliments. Thank you Sandra for helping me add to my style!"


"Sandra, YOU ROCK!!! Honestly, shopping with you and Sarah last night was so much fun...for Sarah (and for me)! I love the looks that you put together starting with a basic button down and slacks. I didn’t even see your magic wand! Seriously, you have an amazing talent and style. I know Sarah will not only enjoy wearing the clothes she has now, but will feel professional and well prepared to take on the world."


"Sandra has a very positive attitude and enthusiasm for bringing a new sense of style to an existing wardrobe. She showed me how to make multiple outfits from my existing wardrobe pieces. She is practical, mindful of budget constraints, and creative. She is also mindful of your personal style and wardrobe needs"


Wow! Thank you for sharing all of your expertise and fashion knowledge/tricks with me today. That's the best present I've had so far!! I am still in shock that my closet is still full, and with a lot of great outfits now!!! YOU are the best fashion/confidence investment I've ever made!! :)


Sandra Veum with Mariposa is the best! I highly recommend her services. She is creative, smart, fun and totally knows her "stuff". My closet overhaul was a wonderful gift to myself and without buying any new clothes, I have tons of new outfits and great fashion ideas. In one session, I went from FRUMP to fabulous. WOW!


“I recently had only a few days to find the perfect outfit for a very important event. Sandra met with me and got to know not only my style preference, but also how I specifically wanted to present myself at the event. She then took me shopping and I was so impressed with her efficiency and skill at finding the ideal look. In less than 2 hours she had my outfit completely put together and even sewed the perfect button on it for me. Thank you Sandra for your invaluable help…I can’t wait to use your services again.”


"Sandra, thanks for all the fun and ideas while doing my closet evaluation. I am so impressed with how much you did in a short time.You gave me a lift out out of my wardrobe rut of just getting dressed instead of having fun and making a statement. I am looking forward to our shopping date as well to continue the momentum."


"Thanks so much for helping me choose outfits for our upcoming conference. I appreciated your knowledge, ability to negotiate with store staff and help in making choices that are both professional and stylish. You showed respect for my likes, yet challenged me to try things just that are just a little different. I was impressed how you went out of your way to be sure my outfit was complete and perfect! It was a great experience!"


"Sandra has helped me put together looks for several events that have flattered my figure and were still easy on my pocketbook. She has a great eye for style and is able to utilize things that are already in my closet with new fashions to create different looks."


"Sandra has been a dear friend of mine for almost 20 years and I have always admired her style. For most of those years I would just stand in my closet and say to myself, "What would Sandra wear today?" Needless to say, I was beyond ecstatic when my husband presented me with a beautiful Mariposa gift package. I was excited to have a closet 'overhaul' and a day of shopping! I cannot put into words just how Sandra was able to work the magic she did in my closet. I now feel like I have so many new options with what I already own. The shopping was just the icing on the cake! Sandra knew what essential pieces were missing from my wardrobe and within a couple of hours I had what I needed!"


"Sandra always gives an honest opinion. Being a college student it's not always easy to stay fashionalble on a tight budget. She knows where the stores are that I can get the most fashion for my money."


"After contacting Sandra regarding my wife Molly's "closet issues" I was very impressed with the way she presented her service. As a husband I sometimes (ok, all the time) struggle with finding the right gift for my wife. Sandra not only provided me with a wonderful birthday package to present to my wife, she also provided her with a great experience with the reorganization of her closet and wardrobe. Hiring Mariposa to reorganize Molly's closet and wardrobe was a fun, unique gift that she really enjoyed. I would recommend Mariposa to any husband looking for a truly unique gift for his wife."


“I loved working with Sandra. She was so helpful in teaching me styles that fit my shape. She was kind, honest, professional and fun to be with. She gave me great insight, and the pieces I bought are still some of my favorites. I can’t wait for another shopping day” !


"It was a pleasure to shop with Sandra. Upon turning 40, I was confused as what that ( 40) should look like both personally and professionally. Sandra's keen eye for detail and attention to body-type was not only a huge help but also refreshing. We left the store, one I never would have entered on my own, with many useful and great finds that I wear often. I can't wait to take advantage of Sandra's natural talent for style again in the future! Rachel Zoe has nothing on Sandra Veum!"

Mary Lou

"Sandra really helped me put together outfits for some events and she had such a cheerful attitude and a lot of patience making me feel at ease during the selection process. After wearing what she chose I received so many compliments. Being an older woman she was able to dress me age appropriate but still in fashion."