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A Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper based out of San Diego, California. 

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Pool-Chic Sandals!

  I love “The Geli”  Collection by Katy Perry!


$49 @katyperrycollections

Pool-Chic For Men!

Are you ready for coolness by the pool? Contact me for a consultation! 


Mollusk baseball cap- $40, Rag & Bone t-shirt $125, Moscot sunglasses $290, Faherty swim trunks $130, Raf Simons Adidas Originals rubber slides $130. All featured on #mrporter.

Bathing Suit Season Is Right Around The Corner!

Contact me for a shopping appointment to get you ready for the summer season! 

Vince Camuto- Prices range between $104-$110. 

Vince Camuto- Prices range between $104-$110. 

How To Know When It's Time To Hire A Stylist!

Contact me for a complimentary consultation! 

Contact me for a complimentary consultation! 

1) You stand in front of your closet not knowing what to wear. 

2) You have no idea what items to buy to flatter your body-type. 

3) You hate shopping. 

4) You have no idea of what to wear for special events. 

5) You waste money on items you never wear. 

6) You always over-pack for a trip. 

7) You return a lot to stores. 

8) You waste items on on-line shopping. 

9) You only wear items one way and do not know how to interchange looks. 

10) You are bored with your wardrobe.